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You have found the premier Utah medical spa for aesthetic and non-surgical cosmetic procedures. Our Best of State winning facility is one of the most experienced and established Aesthetic, Botox, and Laser centers in Utah. So rest assured, when you choose to have your aesthetic procedures done at our medical spa in Salt Lake City, you are in the best of hands. At Genesis Lifestyle Medical, we pride ourselves in ensuring optimal safety and the best results



We strive to provide our clients with:

Personalized attention and the very best care possible in a comfortable setting.

A natural more youthful look – we don’t want anyone to look “fake” or “overdone”.

An honest approach to your treatment using the most proven products and equipment in the industry.

Our Philosophy and Promise…

You deserve to love the way you look. Contrary to popular belief, cosmetic medicine is not all about vanity. Rather, it is about feeling better; it is about self-esteem; it is about portraying the best you.

The team at Genesis Lifestyle Medical strive to provide our clients with the very best in cosmetic medicine and to do so in a comfortable and friendly setting. We want you to feel that you are receiving personalized attention and the very best care possible.

We want you to look your best, but we also want you to look natural. Because we want you to love the way you look, we will work with you to make sure that you don’t look “fake” or “overdone”.

We also pride ourselves in our integrity and will approach your treatment in an honest and forthright manner. Our laser equipment has been extensively researched and we feel that it is the most effective available. We use only the most proven cosmetic injectables.

And unlike other aesthetic clinics, Our team of experienced providers performs all ablative laser procedures and cosmetic injections.

So, welcome to Genesis Lifestyle Medical. Let us help you rediscover the best you!