Active Fx Pre-treatement Instructions

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Active FX Pretreatment Instructions

3 days before treatment
Discontinue all topical exfoliators, which include:

  • Any products containing Glycolic, Lactic, or Salicylic Acid
  • Retin A or Renova (discontinue 5 days before treatment)
  • Any products containing Vitamin C

Avoid intense sun or UV exposure in the days leading up to your treatment (i.e. don’t come to your procedure with a sunburn on your face)

Night before treatment
Start taking Famvir. This is for cold sore prevention and it is recommended that all clients take it even if they have no history of cold sores. You will be given a prescription at the time of your consultation or we can call in a prescription for you a few days before your treatment. We would like you to take it for 7 days.

Day of treatment
Please arrive one hour prior to your scheduled appointment. We will be applying a topical numbing agent and for your own comfort we recommend that this be applied one hour prior to the procedure.

We also give you the option of taking a Valium tablet to help diminish any procedureassociated discomfort when you arrive. If you are going to take Valium, we require that you bring someone to drive you home. You will be given a prescription for Valium prior to your procedure (or one will be called in for you along with the Famvir). Please fill this and bring one tablet with you to your procedure. We will have you take it at the time of your arrival.

We also require a driver if we are going to be treating the tissues surrounding your eyes (the eye shields can sometimes result in slightly blurry vision for an hour or so after the procedure). If you do not have a driver, we cannot administer oral pain medication or treat your eyes. We can reschedule your eye treatment at an additional cost.

If we will be treating your eye area, and you wear contact lenses, please wear glasses to your procedure.

Following your procedure, you will be sent home with the necessary cleansers and moisturizers to use during the skin recovery period.

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