Bad Habits That Lead to Bad Skin

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July 1, 2016
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Bad Habits That Lead to Bad Skin

Your skin is your body’s first layer of protection, and some of your habits might be contributing to weakening that protection. Learn just how innocent or harmful some of your daily activities can be when it comes to the health of your skin.


Cooling down in the pool could be damaging your skin. Even after you rinse off after getting out of the pool, there’s still a chance you have chlorine sticking to your skin. What’s more is chlorine can have a negative reaction to any lotions, cleansers and topical medications in your skin. Make sure you scrub yourself off with a rich soapy lather after getting out of the pool.

Overwashing Your Face

While it’s important to wash your face, you want to make sure you don’t overdo it. Doing so strips the natural oils from your skin, which dries it out. If you do wash your face twice a day, use a gentle soap-free cleanser such as Genesis Lifestyle Medical’s Infusing Cleanser (available at

Sleeping With Your Makeup On

No matter how great you might look, make sure you wash off all of your makeup before hitting the hay. If you don’t, you can clog your pores and experience breakouts in the future. If you’ve ever slept with your makeup on in the past, make sure you wash your pillowcase to keep from making yourself sick.

Harsh Exfoliators

Wanting to get rid of dirt, oil and dead skin cells is all well and good, but doing so shouldn’t hurt. If you notice your facial skin is painful, burns or is red after washing it with an exfoliator, it’s best that you change to a milder exfoliator or skip the step altogether.  Much like overwashing, harsh skin care products have a tendency to dry out your skin.
Take steps to keep from sabotaging yourself when it comes to having gorgeous skin. Use these tips and good judgment and you’re sure to see glowing results.