Basics of Active FX Fractionated Laser

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June 1, 2017
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Basics of Active FX Fractionated Laser

We carry numerous beneficial laser treatments at the offices of Genesis Lifestyle Medical, and one of the most popular is the Active FX Fractionated Laser. This is a treatment that uses Fractionated CO2 Laser energy to give a full facial rejuvenation, including removing unwanted skin and sun damage plus stimulating collagen and tightening skin.

Some of those terms sound complex, so we’re here to break it down for you. Here are the basics behind the Active FX Fractionated Laser.

How it Works

During this treatment, the CO2 laser beam being used is fractionated, or pixelated, into thousands of tiny little shafts of light. These light shafts penetrate into the deepest layers of skin, forcing the skin to repair the tiny shafts by pushing out old, damaged skin and replacing it with new skin. It leads to a major improvement in skin tone and tightness, particularly for wrinkles around the eyes, mouth and even neck.

For treatments, you’ll arrive roughly 60 minutes early. The treatment area will be cleansed and then numbed, and you may be given an anti-inflammatory drug for any discomfort. From here, you sit back and relax as the numbing cream takes effect.

After about an hour, the numbing gel will be removed and treatment will begin. Treatment takes 20-30 minutes, and will feel something like a “pins and needles” sensation. Plan on being in the office for about 1.5  hours total.

How Long Does it Last?

This will depend on how well you protect the skin from the sun and other factors that contribute to aging (smoking, weight, overall health), but with proper precautions here, treatments can last multiple years with no reduction in quality. Be sure to apply sunscreen and wear brimmed hats in periods of long sun exposure.

Seeing Results

You’ll see some immediate results from Active FX Fractionated Laser treatments, and these will continue to show up more prominently over the next three to six months. Know that there will be a period of downtime lasting roughly a week where the skin will be very red (not painful), and then possibly another few weeks of minor pinkness – though this is easier to cover with makeup. As this coloration wears off, you’ll see fewer lines, less blotchiness and more glow.

Want to learn more about the Active FX Fractionated laser, or interested in other medical spa treatments like laser tattoo removal and others? Speak to the professionals at the offices of Genesis Lifestyle Medical today.