Beneficial Elements of Tattoo Removal

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February 15, 2017
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March 16, 2017
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Beneficial Elements of Tattoo Removal

We offer several laser treatments at Genesis Lifestyle Medical, and one of our most popular is tattoo removal. Many people come to regret the tattoos they’ve put on their bodies within years or even months of doing so, and we offer the most powerful and reliable treatments for significantly reducing or eliminating their appearance.

How can you benefit from tattoo removal? There are both obvious and less obvious reasons behind it. Let’s take a look at some of the most important ones.


The visual element is the primary reason most people look to have a tattoo removed at a medical spa like ours. These can be for personal reasons, but they can also be for outside reasons as well – an employer who disallows visible tattoos, or another authority figure. Some people also find that social interactions change when they receive a tattoo, and some choose to alter this circumstance.

Personal Preference

The biggest reason behind a change in heart is personal preference, and no one wants to be judged for these kinds of decisions. Maybe something that once held great meaning in your life doesn’t hold the same significance, or perhaps a tattoo prompts negative memories from a loved one who has passed. We don’t make it our business what your reasoning is for removing a previous tattoo – we simply give you the highest-quality options available for this service.

Safety and Pain Level

Some people assume there are safety issues associated with tattoo removal, but this isn’t the case with our services. Our QX Max laser is one of the most effective removal options for black and red ink, and we provide the right settings and after-care to make this process 100 percent safe. Extremely limited side effects are very uncommon, though they are possible. Treatments will take place over a period of months, giving your skin ample recovery time in between.

Want to learn more about tattoo removal, or any of our other medical spa services? Speak to the experts at Genesis Lifestyle Medical today.