Correcting Misinformation Regarding Botox Treatments

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Correcting Misinformation Regarding Botox Treatments

correcting misinformation Botox treatments

When it comes to a product as beneficial and popular as Botox, you’re unfortunately bound to encounter some misinformation that builds up over time. Botox and other dermal filler treatments are no exception – in fact, the myths that fly around regarding these services tend to morph and become sillier with every passing year.

At the offices of Steven Jepson MD, we’ll happily clear up any misinformation about our Botox services and their safety, benefits, or common uses before your appointment. Here are several of the silliest areas we’ve heard about recently that you should have the correct information on before deciding for or against Botox or other dermal filler services.

Botox and Addiction

Perhaps due to celebrities who get numerous Botox or other facial treatments, there’s a strange myth out there that Botox is a physically addicting product that builds up a dependency over time. This couldn’t be further from the truth – Botox is not chemically addictive in any way whatsoever, and causes no physical addiction in any person.

Now, this isn’t to say that becoming psychologically dependent on Botox isn’t possible. Like with many other things, from certain foods to habits and several other areas, becoming drawn to something that benefits you is always possible.

Botox and Toxicity

It’s a bit simpler to understand where this misinformation comes from: Botox’s active ingredient is botulinum toxin, which as the name suggests is indeed toxic to the body in large enough doses.

However, any implication that Botox itself is a toxic product is misplaced. Botox uses incredibly small amounts of this toxin, amounts that come nowhere close to causing any adverse health effects in humans. In addition, it’s administered only by professionals who know how to target its controlled doses to the proper places in the body.

Freezing or Stiffening Myths

Many people have a negative perception of Botox because they’ve heard it can “freeze” their face and make it impossible to show normal facial expressions. Once again, this is completely misleading – properly administered Botox treatments will cause no such issues, even over repeated treatments.

Now, like with any medical procedure, it’s possible that adverse reactions may take place or even mistakes could be made by individual practitioners. But this is why you count on trusted medical professionals like Genesis Lifestyle Medical, who has a fantastic record of error-free Botox injections that never risk any such facial developments.

Comparing Treatments

Finally, while there are several specific Botox formats or unit usages, some simply assume that every application of Botox is the same – and will have the same results. Rather, the truth is that Botox will work differently for different people depending on several factors, from age and skin type to the precise purpose you’re using it for. It’s important to do the right research and understand all the details of your procedure with your doctor before receiving treatment.

For more on avoiding misinformation when it comes to Botox or other dermal fillers, or to learn about any of our medical spa services, speak to the staff at the offices of Steven Jepson MD today.