Home Methods to Supplement Rosacea Treatment

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April 1, 2017
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Home Methods to Supplement Rosacea Treatment

For people with rosacea, skin care can be a difficult process. Rosacea, a skin condition that affects anywhere from 1 to 10 percent of a given population, causes redness, flare-ups, rashes and other significant sensitivity issues.

Dr. Genesis Lifestyle Medical offers a three-step med spa protocol that’s had great success for people suffering from rosacea. It includes skin care products, prescription medications and, for those who benefit from it, IPL laser therapy.

There are other basic home tactics you can take to help with rosacea flare-ups and general symptoms. Here are a few of these tactics.

Diet Triggers

In some cases, the traditional treatments you’d think would work for rosacea – chemical creams and lotions, for instance – can actually make it worse without the proper supervision. These treatments may manage symptoms temporarily, but they don’t address the root of the issue.

In fact, rosacea is a whole-body issue. Inflammation often stems from overall health factors, and studies have found an association between rosacea (and other skin conditions) and gastrointestinal tract disorders. This means that identifying food triggers can go a long way to preventing flare-ups.  Emphasize fruits, vegetables, healthy fats and “clean” proteins like omega-3 fatty acids. Avoid any food allergies, alcohol or caffeine, sugar, processed foods and too many fried foods.

Sunscreen and Cosmetic Products

UV light can often aggravate rosacea symptoms, and as such, it’s recommended that sufferers wear sunscreen on all sensitive areas of the skin, even for brief exposure. In addition, using natural moisturizers can noticeably improve symptoms, plus restore the skin’s barrier against rosacea. Look for non-chemical moisturizers here. Also be careful about using too many cosmetic products to cover rosacea breakouts – many of these products can aggravate symptoms, so look for gentle and organic cosmetics.

Stress Levels

Like acne, stress is a known trigger for rosacea. It makes autoimmune reactions worse than normal, and this becomes a revolving cycle with stress amplifying rosacea breakouts. Look for ways to limit stress.

To find out more about laser treatments for rosacea, along with any of our other laser treatments or medical spa services, contact our service staff today.