Impact of Smoking on Utah Botox Patients

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Impact of Smoking on Utah Botox Patients

smoking Utah Botox patients

While many who smoke cigarettes do so with the conscious awareness that this is bad for them in several ways, even those in this position don’t always know the full extent of the risks they’re taking. For instance, among those who are considering Botox injections to smooth out wrinkles and improve the youthful appearance of the face, smokers are often in a more disadvantageous position than those who do not smoke – both because of the ways smoking increases the risks that lead to Botox needs, and due to the ways smoking may diminish the results of Botox treatments.

At the offices of Steven Jepson MD, we’re happy to provide a wide range of Botox services in Utah, plus expertise and recommendations on how best to prepare the skin and help it recover from Botox injections. What are some of the key risks associated with smoking that may play a role in affecting Botox treatments, both in terms of increasing wrinkle risks and limiting the impact of Botox injections themselves? Here’s a primer, plus a quick word on one beneficial area of Botox that may actually be helpful for those who are attempting to quit smoking.

Smoking and Wrinkle Formation

First and foremost, it should be noted that several pieces of research have directly connected smoking cigarettes (and other forms of tobacco use) with increased signs of aging on the skin, particularly on the face. Similarly-aged people who smoke regularly are prone to looking several years older than those who do not smoke, including a substantial average increase in the number of wrinkles on the face – and the significance of these wrinkles.

This is due to the presence of numerous chemicals and harmful substances in cigarettes, including those that directly lead to aging signs in the skin. Other issues, such as facial lines and marks, are also more common when you smoke.

Shortening or Limiting Botox Results

For those who smoke and have developed some of these signs of aging, whether we’re talking wrinkles or other common issues like “smoker’s lines” – which refer to lines that show up around the lips due to you making the same puckering motion over and over – Botox is a common solution used to limit these visible signs. It allows for these lines and wrinkles to be smoothed out and removed, minimizing the visible appearance of these kinds of issues even if you smoke regularly.

However, there’s a negative cycle at play here for those who continue to smoke despite receiving these treatments. While Botox injections will indeed work to smooth out these lines and wrinkles,it will not appear as effective if you keep smoking. Wrinkles and lines will reappear much faster than they would have otherwise, especially around those “pucker” areas near the lips.

Oxygen and Nutrients

And while some of the primary effects of smoking on the skin can be seen among those who receive Botox injections, you don’t always even need to look this far. Smoking is known to limit the amounts of oxygen and nutrients in the skin throughout the body, not just in the face – smokers often have poor skin tone on various areas, or even the entire body.

Smoking also heavily increases the risks of developing age spots. Those looking to maintain a youthful, energetic look in their skin are not doing themselves any favors by continuing to smoke cigarettes, and that’s without even mentioning the numerous overall health issues they lead to.

Helping You Quit

Now, in no way are we telling you that you should not consider Botox treatments if you’re a smoker. Botox injections are still effective for smokers – just potentially less so than in non-smokers. For many, limited Botox benefits are still far more preferable than no Botox benefits at all.

Everyone knows how difficult it is to stop smoking, and for those that are trying, here is one additional consideration.  Botox around the mouth can reduce the appearance of your smoker’s lines, but those same Botox injections around the mouth can also make it more difficult to smoke.  Botox around the mouth reduces your ability to pucker around a cigarette.  This could be one more tool to help  in that difficult road to quitting.

For more on the issues with smoking and Botox, or to learn about any of our Botox treatments or other medical spa services throughout Utah, speak to the staff at the offices of Steven Jepson MD today.