Issues With Popular Targeted Weight Loss Products

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July 3, 2018
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Issues With Popular Targeted Weight Loss Products

If you’re looking to lose weight in certain areas of your body, you might be seduced by late-night ads or fitness publications advertising “targeted fat loss.” This term generally refers to specific equipment or products designed to accelerate the speed of fat loss in a given area, and it falls under the realm of “spot reduction,” a common fitness theme that appeals to our basic intuition about fat loss.

Is this form of fat loss realistic and useful, though? Some research shows that it might not be. Let’s look at the basics here, plus how a method like CoolSculpting from a medical spa like the offices of Steven Jepson MD will be more effective.

Research Results

There are two studies that measured fat loss through targeted programs:

  • A 2013 study measured fat mass response to exercise in a specific bodily area that was targeted, namely the legs. Participants did a high number of leg presses using their nondominant leg over a three-month period, doing this three times weekly. At the end of the study, these participants saw no significant change in body fat in the leg that was exercised.
  • A 2007 study followed 104 participants in a 12-week supervised resistance training program. They used their non-dominant arms only. The study found that spot reduction does not occur as a result of resistance training.

Proper Fat Reduction Targeting

Luckily, there’s good news when it comes to reducing fat. Here are some areas to consider:

  • CoolSculpting: These treatments are great for both men and women looking to lose fat in tough areas to reach. A single treatment here will shrink up to 25 percent of your fat in a given area, such as the chin, abdomen, thighs or hips.
  • Diet: A diet that’s low in fat and high in vegetables and lean proteins will help with losing fat. Avoid starches, alcohol, sugars, and all processed foods. If possible, also look to lower your carb intake.
  • Circulation: Cardio, strength training and massages can all help with circulation, which can benefit fat loss significantly. Changing up the temperatures during your showers and moving from hot to cold can also help with circulation.
  • Strength training: Strength training on the upper muscles in the body, especially the back and shoulders, will help improve your posture. This can in turn impact the proportions of your body and fat loss.

For more on targeting fat loss, or to learn about Botox, laser treatments or any of our other medical spa services, speak to the pros at the offices of Steven Jepson MD today.