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Juvederm Ultra is our most popular filler because it is so versatile. All the Juvederm products are injectable forms of hyaluronic acid – one of your skin’s natural building blocks. Each type of Juvederm is composed of different sizes and concentrations of the hyaluronic acid molecule, giving each different characteristics and uses. Juvederm Ultra is most often used to soften the deep lines and hollows in your lower face – examples include the “parentheses” between your nose and mouth, and the depressions at your mouth corners. It is also the ideal product for someone looking for a moderate lip enhancement. Injections with Juvederm are quick, require only topical numbing agents, and show an immediate effect that continues to improve over the following week. Juvederm Ultra generally lasts anywhere from 6-12 months.

Eliminate those bothersome lines with Doctor Steven Jepson’s help. We perform Juvederm treatments in our Salt Lake City clinic. Set an appointment soon!

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