Keeping Skin Healthy After Laser Peels

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December 15, 2016
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February 1, 2017
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Keeping Skin Healthy After Laser Peels

At Genesis Lifestyle Medical medical spa, we offer several laser treatments on the skin. Everything from our laser tattoo removal to our Radiant Skin package is available for people who need this sort of treatment, all in a safe and tested environment.

One of our most popular laser treatments is Laser MicroPeels, a non-fractioned laser designed to resurface skin and reduce things like wrinkles, sun damage or acne scars. Treatments are usually spaced out a few weeks. In the interim between treatments,  it’s absolutely vital to observe a few practices when recovering from each treatment. Here are a few things to do, plus a few things to avoid, when recovering from a peel.


Use Soothing Products: These can range from chamomile to Azulene, or any other kind of product that works best with your skin. This will keep away things like irritation and any scarring.

Moisturizer: We will guide you on the best moisturizers to use in between peels.  The proper amount of moisturization is essential to avoid discomfort during the healing process.

Low Impact: If you usually use a washcloth, maybe switch briefly to a baby cloth or a smoother sponge. These periods require low impact solutions for your skin while it heals – use warm water and don’t over-expose it to any products.

Sun Damage: Try to limit this as much as possible. Wear high-SPF sunscreen if you’re ever going to spend significant time in the sun.


Overdo Products: Moisturizers especially are great tools, but only in moderation. Too much of any individual product could lead to a disruption of the peel process, and might cost you money through redone treatments.

Exfoliate: Exfoliating products are great for many skin treatments, but in the case of a peel, it might disrupt the treatment processes. Let your skin shed itself naturally, that’s part of the peel’s goal in the first place.

Pick at Skin: The quickest way to ruin that healthy look is picking at your skin and creating red spots or unevenness. A  peel is designed to allow your skin to shed itself when it’s ready to.

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