How Kybella Treatments Benefit You

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September 1, 2017
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October 1, 2017
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How Kybella Treatments Benefit You

You’ve likely heard of Botox and some of our other facial injections,  but fewer people know about many of the other skin and body treatments we offer at the offices of Genesis Lifestyle Medical One such treatment is called Kybella.

Kybella is a non-surgical treatment for the reduction of your double chin. It involves an injection of a solution containing deoxycholic acid, which occurs naturally in our bodies and digests fat. Let’s look at some of the chief benefits of Kybella treatments.


Kybella treatments are low-risk and completely safe. They’re fully approved by the FDA, with minimal side effects – swelling and tenderness are the most common two.  There’s no significant downtime associated with the treatment, making it perfect for people who don’t want to miss work as would be required with  full-on cosmetic surgery.


Just as importantly for many people, Kybella is a fully non-invasive treatment format. There is no anesthesia involved in the process, a big difference compared to some cosmetic surgeries. Kybella is not considered a surgical procedure – it’s just a simple injection or series of injections. Most other treatments for double chins and related fat issues do require actual surgery, and often come with anesthesia involved. This can be a major inconvenience and can also be much more costly.


Most importantly, the success rate of Kybella treatments is very impressive. Some dermatologists have gone so far as to label it a “technological breakthrough” for how effective it is despite a total lack of invasiveness or safety risk. Both clinical trials and real-world applications have proven Kybella’s effectiveness many times over.

For more information on Kybella treatments, or on any of the other services you’ll find at our medical spa, speak to the experts at the offices of Genesis Lifestyle Medical today.