Laser Treatments

We have been offering the latest advances in Cosmetic Laser Treatments in Utah since 2005, and Dr. Jepson is one of the most experience laser providers in Utah. Cosmetic Laser Treatments can address a myriad number of your facial aging concerns. Lasers can reduce unwanted age spots, reduce your pores, smooth away fine wrinkles, improve your skin’s overall tone & texture, mildly tighten your skin, brighten your skin, and reduce unwanted redness & broken capillary blood vessels. Many types of cosmetic laser treatments in Utah are now available. We offer only those lasers with the most proven track record to ensure that you get the most optimal results for your money. Our most popular laser treatments include:

Active FX – an aggressive fractionated CO2 laser for total facial rejuvenation

Photofacial – a great way to reduce unwanted brown and red facial pigment, and even out your skin tone. This is also a great treatment for reducing rosacea

Erbium MicroPeels – a milder laser peel for help in brightening your skin’s tone and texture

QX Max Laser Facial – a great laser treatment for cleaning out and reducing your pores, while also improving your skin’s overall texture and appearance

When you come in for your free consultation, we can help you decide which laser treatment or combination of treatments – such as our popular Radiant Skin Package – will best address your own unique concerns.

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