Special Offers

CoronaVirus Update & May Retail Specials

We have reopened and are currently seeing patients for Botox only. Please note and observe the following:

  1. We will only be offering Botox injections at this time.  And I will not be injecting the DAO area (mouth corner lift) or Lip Botox, as you will need to wear a facemask during your injections.  
  2. Anyone interested coming in for Botox will need to do at least 20 units of Botox
  3. Patients are required to come wearing a facemask.  Cloth face masks are fine, but no bandanas or scarves please.
  4. Please come alone.  We are unable to allow kids, friends, or other family members to enter the office with you
  5. Please call us when you arrive.  We will ask you to wait in your car until we have a room ready for you.  We will verbally take you through a COVID19 symptom questionnaire over the phone while you are waiting in your car.
  6. Once your room is ready, we will meet you at the back door, where we will check your temperature. Checking in through the back door will allow us to take you directly to a treatment room, optimizing social distancing at the front desk (for checkout only) and main hallway. We will also ask you to sign a COVID risk acknowledgement and consent.
  7. If you or a household member have COVID symptoms or you have a temperature above 100.2 degrees, we will not be able to see you.
  8. We will still be applying numbing cream prior to your injections if you would like.  However, we will not be offering makeup touchup to minimize close contact time.
  9. If you have purchased Gift Cards from Allergan, please search your email, and be ready with your codes at check out (they would be in your email, not your BD account)
  10. Please redeem any Brilliant Distinctions coupons or points in the BD App while you are waiting in your car.  With these last two steps we are trying to ensure a speedy checkout, and a safe patient flow within our space.

May Retail Specials

Save 15% on all other retail products.  Please call our office and we will mail them to you free of charge, or leave them outside our office door for you to pick up

$30 Instant Rebate on large Latisse