Special Offers

CoronaVirus Update

We are currently offering our full menu of Botox and Filler injections with the exception of tear trough filler.  We are not currently offering any laser treatments

We are following the same COVID protocols we’ve had in place since May to ensure everyone’s safety as much as possible.  These are as follows:


  1. Patients are required to come wearing a facemask.  Cloth face masks are fine, but no bandanas or scarves please.  
  2. Please call us when you arrive.  We will ask you to wait in your car until we have a room ready for you.  We will verbally take you  through a COVID19 symptom questionnaire over the phone while you are waiting in your car.  
  3. Once your room is ready, we will meet you at the back door, where we will check your temperature
  4. If you or a household member have COVID symptoms or you have  a temperature above 100 degrees, we will not be able to see you.
  5. We will still be applying numbing cream prior to your injections if you would like.  However, we will not be offering makeup touchup, to minimize close contact time.  
  6. Please do not bring any guests or children.