ColoreScience Mineral Makeup

Why not use a makeup that will not only help you look great, but will actually prevent aging and improve your skin’s health.  As seen in Cosmopolitan, Women’s Health, and many other national publications, Colorescience offers a revolutionary new approach to both makeup and skin health.  Colorescience uses the highest quality minerals for incredible natural looking color, along with strong antioxidants and sun protectors to improve and maintain your skin’s health.  Colorescience is one of the few makeups that includes a Drug Fact’s label to help ensure that you are not putting unnecessary (and sometimes damaging) fillers and other chemicals on your skin.  Every batch is made following the FDA’s purity standards and tested multiple times to ensure that purity.  There are hundreds of other companies that manufacture mineral makeup, but few of them produce this same quality, consistency, and results. And even better, Colorescience costs no more than traditional makeups.  So come spend time at our makeup bar and let our helpful staff show you all that ColoreScience has to offer.

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