Preparation Tips Before Dermabrasion

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August 15, 2017
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September 15, 2017
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Preparation Tips Before Dermabrasion

Within the skin care and medical spa world, “dermabrasion” is a popular umbrella term. It refers to a group of procedures meant to remove upper layers of dead or dry skin, leaving newer, younger-looking skin to grow in below.

At the medical spa offices of Genesis Lifestyle Medical, we offer multiple dermabrasion formats, including macrodermabrasion (a process of physically buffing off dead skin cells with sea salt) and advanced dermaplane services (gently using a surgical blade to remove dead cells and impurities). If you’re considering one of these services, we generally ask that you keep a few points in mind prior to your treatment.

Skin Care Products

Generally we will ask you to hold off on using  any Retinol products that you may be using at home for a few days on either side of the procedure.  Likewise, home products with strong acids such as Gycolic, may need to be held as well. 


In some cases, too much sun exposure before a procedure can interfere with pigmentation in the treatment areas, and can even cause permanent irregular pigmentation issues in these areas. Limit sun exposure in advance of treatment.  

To learn more about dermabrasion preparation, or to find out about other med spa services like laser treatments or tattoo removal, speak to the experts at Genesis Lifestyle Medical today.