How to Prepare for Laser Treatments

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How to Prepare for Laser Treatments

At the offices of Steven M. Jepson, M.D., we offer a wide variety of laser treatments for our clients. Everything from photofacial treatments to laser micropeels are offered, and we stand by our industry leading medical spa services.

One of our top priorities for our patients is preparing them well in advance of treatment, and this is particularly important for laser treatments. Preparing the skin in advance of a treatment can make the entire process much easier and more painless. Here are some tips for preparing before coming in for a laser treatment:


No Tanning: Avoid tanning beds and other forms of tanning whenever possible in advance of laser treatment, typically up to a month ahead. Skin that’s as light as possible before treatment is often desirable, so be sure to wear high-SPF sunscreen if you’re going to be spending long periods outside before your treatment.

Shave, Don’t Wax: Some forms of plucking and waxing can irritate the skin to the point where laser treatments might be affected. On the other hand, most smooth forms of shaving won’t create these issues. If you’re required to rid a particular area of hair before laser treatments, do it with the smoothest shave you can find.

Medication: In some cases, you may be prescribed antiviral or antibiotic medication before the treatment process. This will depend on your individual situation and the exact treatment you’re planning to get.

Clean Area: Whatever the area you’re getting treatment on, make sure it’s clean and doesn’t contain any residue from creams or lotions. Even items like deodorant need to be removed before a laser treatment.

During Appointment

Clothing: The clothing you wear to your appointment should be comfortable and potentially loose, and if necessary it should leave the treatment area exposed. Tight clothing may not present an issue during treatment, but it could cause major discomfort on the way home in some cases.

Cream and Shaving: Your doctor will need to clean and possibly shave the treatment area, and they’ll apply a cream or a warm compression in many cases.

Eye Protection: In most cases, you’ll be given protective eyewear to wear during the procedure and protect against any accidents.

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