Preparing Skin for a Wax

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July 1, 2017
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Preparing Skin for a Wax

Facial waxing is a common cosmetic procedure, and we offer several different partial and full wax services at the medical spa offices of Steven M. Jepson, M.D. Whether it’s the entire face or just sections like the lips, eyebrows or cheeks, we’ve got you covered – literally and figuratively.

Waxing is generally a simple procedure, but there are still certain things you can do to allow your skin to receive maximum benefits from a wax. Here are a few preparation tips to follow.

A Little Hair

The best facial waxes take place when a little bit of hair growth is allowed beforehand. If there’s no noticeable hair on the surface, the wax has nothing to bind with for proper hair removal.

If there’s between half an inch and a quarter of an inch of hair, however, the wax has plenty of surface to bind to. Estheticians prefer this level of hair before a wax – people who are waxed frequently should wait at least three weeks in between, depending on the speed of their hair growth.

Clean, Unblemished Skin

It might be impossible to make skin 100 percent clean, but the closer you can come before a wax, the better. This includes basic dirt and grime, but also includes blemishes, skin issues or cuts on the face. These issues can be tough to work around during a wax, and you may receive a lower-quality wax in certain areas as a result.

However, don’t go too far here. Most professionals prefer that you don’t exfoliate at all before a wax, for instance. If you have questions, speak to one of our professionals before booking your waxing appointment.

Day-Before Tips

Be sure not to use any exfoliating creams or lotions the day before – these can create several issues within the waxing process, and may even force you to reschedule. Don’t tan in any way before waxing, as this can make skin too sensitive.  Along the same lines, avoid intense sun exposure for a week before waxing.

To find out more tips about preparing for a wax, or for information on our other services including Botox and Kybella treatments, speak to the experts at the offices of Steven M. Jepson, M.D. today.