Quarantine Skin Care Tips, Part 1

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April 28, 2020
quarantine skin care themes
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May 26, 2020
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Quarantine Skin Care Tips, Part 1

quarantine skin care themes

During this period of stay-at-home measures and quarantines to help fight the worldwide COVID-19 outbreak, several areas of life have changed for many of us. And while much of your primary focus might be on major areas like staying safe and healthy, there’s nothing wrong with noting other important ways your life has changed – and skin care is a perfect example.

At the offices of Steven Jepson MD, we’re proud to offer not only valuable skin treatments like Botox, laser treatments and others within our medical spa, but also to provide high-quality skin care products and expertise on how to use them – expertise that’s particularly valuable for those remaining isolated but still looking to keep skin healthy and rejuvenated. In this two-part blog series, we’ll go over some tips we can recommend on keeping your skin in great shape during your quarantine period.

Stress, Illness and Skin Issues

First and foremost, it’s important to note the impact of stress, anxiety and related factors during this kind of unique societal event. Even if no one you know personally has been impacted by the virus, or especially if someone has, it’s natural to feel elevated stress levels about everything from overall health to financial areas, mental health and many others.

And whether you were aware of it or not, stress can have an enormous impact on your skin. We’re not just talking about the potential for additional acne breakouts, though these are absolutely a risk given the way stress often leads to oil production and more sweat – were also talking about flare-ups in conditions like rosacea or eczema and more significant skin issues.

And while we recognize this is often easier said than done, this means it’s vital to look for ways to reduce your stress if you’re experiencing skin issues. Look for relaxation methods like meditation or stretching, plus work to find ways to stay active and exercise often.

Proper Product Usage

In addition, it’s vital to use the proper products on your skin to meet its needs. Antioxidants, for instance, are excellent for reducing inflammation, but they don’t control acne breakouts if you’re experiencing one. Consult with our professionals for basic information on which of our products or others you should be using during this time.

Diet and Vitamins

Another vital area to keep an eye on is your diet, which plays a big role in how your skin looks and feels. This stay-at-home period may have increased your incentive for processed or fast food – try to resist this urge, as these kinds of foods often show negative skin impacts.

In addition, consider vitamin D here. You would normally get enough of this from time spent in the sun, but if you’re staying indoors more often, you may require a supplement for this vital vitamin that plays a big role in skin health.

For more on skin care during quarantine periods, or to learn about any of our med spa services, speak to the staff at the offices of Steven Jepson MD today.