Rosacea Management

Rosacea Management Treatment Service

rosaceaIf you are bothered by unwanted facial redness, facial flushing, and/or broken facial capillaries you may be suffering from a common dermatologic condition called rosacea.  Many of you may have sought out care for this bothersome condition with minimal results.  Dr. Jepson offers a three step protocol that has been very effective in treating even the worst rosacea cases.

First, people with rosacea have very sensitive skin and require careful attention to the types of skin care products they are using on their face.  Many skin care products will irritate and worsen rosacea.  Dr. Jepson will guide you through your best rosacea skin care options using the gentlest choices from his own Pelle Di Giovane line of products.  These products are designed to offer effective cleansing and moisturization without all the unnecessary fillers and irritants that are so common in most skin care today.

Second,  Dr. Jepson can help you decide if prescription medication might be effective for you.  He generally tries to avoid prescriptions if possible, but sometimes prescription rosacea medication can be helpful in the short term.

Third,  Dr. Jepson recommends IPL laser therapy as an ideal treatment for rosacea.  IPL (Intense Pulse Light) treatments are well known as one of the most effective ways to reduce the redness, flushing, and broken capillaries associated with rosacea.  But not all IPLs are the same and neither are all IPL treatment protocols.  We offer the very latest in IPL technology and Dr. Jepson has been specially trained in the most effective protocols developed specifically for rosacea.  And at our clinic, only Dr. Jepson performs the IPL treatments, ensuring optimal safety and optimal results.

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