Secondary Benefits of Botox Treatments, Part 1

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secondary benefits Botox treatments
Secondary Benefits of Botox Treatments, Part 2
April 28, 2020
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Secondary Benefits of Botox Treatments, Part 1

secondary benefits Botox treatments

For those who have utilized Botox products in the past, or even for many who haven’t, the primary benefits of this immensely popular product are generally well-known. Botox, a purified protein that relaxes the facial muscles temporarily, is hugely effective at reducing lines and wrinkles while producing a younger, refreshed appearance for patients.

At the offices of Steven Jepson MD, we’re proud to offer a wide range of Botox injections and Botox treatment options for those looking for these and related benefits. And while many of the major pluses to Botox treatments are common knowledge in some circles, you may not have realized that there are actually several other lesser-known benefits of Botox that many patients utilize it for regularly. This two-part blog will go over each of these areas in detail to inform you of the wide-ranging benefits associated with Botox treatments.

Preventative Botox

The first area we’ll discuss here is known as preventative Botox, and the name implies its primary purpose: This service is used to get a jump on potential wrinkles or lines on the face, beginning to prevent their formation either just as they’re appearing or even beforehand.

It may seem obvious to some that this option exists, but you’d be surprised how many were under the impression that Botox could only work once these lines or wrinkles were already prominent on the face. Preventative Botox is simple and easy – we recommend a consultation with a professional about your needs and desires before scheduling the appointment just to be sure this is the right approach for you.

Cost and Coverage

One important note with preventative Botox: In nearly all cases, it will not be covered by insurance providers when it’s considered cosmetic or preventative in any way.

Luckily, though, Botox costs are simple and easy to understand, with no hidden fees or secondary expenses facing you down the line. Call our offices to learn about the cost of any of our Botox procedures.

Makeup Application

Another excellent benefit of Botox, whether as a primary goal or a secondary occurrence: It smooths the face in several ways that make makeup and product application far easier on a daily basis. Botox reduces the concentration of even the smallest muscles in the injection area, making these areas incredibly smooth and limiting the ease with which items like powder, foundation and shadow glob up on lines or wrinkles. For those struggling with lines and wrinkles interrupting their makeup process, Botox provides a solution that kills multiple birds with one metaphorical stone.

For more on lesser-known benefits of Botox, or to learn about any of our medical spa services such as dermal fillers or laser treatments, speak to the staff at the offices of Steven Jepson MD today.