Secondary Benefits of Botox Treatments, Part 2

secondary benefits Botox treatments
Secondary Benefits of Botox Treatments, Part 1
April 3, 2020
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Quarantine Skin Care Tips, Part 1
May 1, 2020
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Secondary Benefits of Botox Treatments, Part 2

secondary benefits Botox treatments

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the secondary benefits that not as many people are aware of when it comes to Botox treatments. From preventative Botox to smoothing the face for makeup application and numerous other areas, Botox may improve your appearance and quality of life in multiple ways – including some you may not have even been aware it works for.

At the offices of Steven Jepson MD, we’re proud to offer both Botox treatments and other dermal fillers for our medical spa patients who desire them. We’re happy to go over the multiple benefits of Botox and whether it’s right for your needs and desires. In today’s part two, we’ll look into a few additional secondary benefits you may not have been aware of previously when it comes to Botox.

The “Angry 11s”

For some individuals, particularly those reaching later adult years and dealing with skin concerns on the face, contraction of skin muscles may create lines or wrinkles on the forehead between the eyebrows. These wrinkles, which some refer to as the “angry 11s,” will often be present even when the fact is resting, making the individual look angry or annoyed constantly even when this is not the case.

Luckily, Botox is a valuable service that will reduce the angry 11s effect in those who have it. Whether these lines are fully developed or still forming, placing Botox in this area reduces the grump appearance and helps with relaxation – both in terms of appearance and reality.

Brow Lift

Another use of Botox on the forehead for many people is to provide a moderate lift of the brow. While it’s often used in this area for wrinkle reduction purposes, such as those we went over above, it often comes with the secondary benefit of holding the brow just a bit higher than it was previously.

For many, this makes you appear more awake or refreshed on a regular basis. In addition, this serves as a preventative measure in its own right, keeping forehead muscles from contracting too significantly and leading to future wrinkles.

Mouth Frown Line Lift

Down similar lines, but in a different area of the face, Botox can also be used to slightly lift the corners of the mouth. Once again, these services are often done primarily to remove wrinkles or dimples in this area – but in the process, the frown lines and jowls themselves can be lifted, leading to a resting facial appearance that’s happier and more upbeat.

For more on alternative uses of Botox treatments, or to learn about any of our laser treatments or other medical spa services, speak to the staff at the offices of Steven Jepson MD today.