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Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser tattoo removal before and after.

Did you know that 60% of people regret their tattoo after 6 months? Laser tattoo removal remains the gold standard treatment for dealing with those unwanted tattoos. Using the powerful QX MaxQ-switched Yag laser, we are able to remove or significantly reduce the appearance of many tattoos. But keep in mind, some colors remove better than others, and multiple treatments are required. Get a consultation for tattoo removal assessment at our Salt Lake City clinic.

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How Many Treatments Will It Take?

Expect an average of 12 treatments. Treatment sessions are spaced monthly, so it can take up to a year to remove your tattoo. Some colors and ink-types will clear faster.

Are Some Colors More Difficult to Remove Than Others?

Black and red ink are the easiest to remove. Greens, blues, orange, and especially fluorescent colors are more difficult and take longer. Some brighter colors are difficult to remove completely

How Does the Laser Remove Ink?

Q-Switched laser tattoo removal uses nano-second pulses of laser energy to shatter the ink particles. Your body’s immune system then slowly destroys the damaged ink. With each treatment, a progressively deeper layer of ink is removed.

Why is the QX Max Laser Better?

QX Max delivers more power per nanosecond laser pulse than any other ND:Yag tattoo removal laser on the market. More power means that deeper layers of ink are more effectively treated. This results in more complete ink clearance.

So is Laser Tattoo Removal Safe?

With the proper equipment at the proper settings with the proper after-care, laser tattoo removal is very safe and side effects are uncommon.

Can You Remove Permanent Cosmetics?

We do not recommend removing permanent cosmetics with laser due to the type of ink used and the proximity to eyes and lips.

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