Tips for Proper Daily Skin Care

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September 15, 2017
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Tips for Proper Daily Skin Care

At a high-quality medical spa like the offices of Steven Jepson, MD, there are a variety of safe and effective skin care procedures to help with any number of conditions. Whether it’s acne, scarring, skin protection or a desire for more youthful skin, we have all the treatments you need.

While you’re not at our offices, though, there are a few vital elements of skin care that should be regularly observed. These are general, daily tasks that virtually all people should engage in to keep their skin generally healthy, regardless of what your specific desires are for its appearance. With that in mind, here are three extremely simple areas to make sure you never neglect within skin care.

Face Wash

Whether or not you’re someone who wears makeup, make sure to wash your face two times per day. The best times for this are right when you wake up and just before going to bed. If needed, you can ask your esthetician for a daily cleanser that works well for your skin type – look for a cleanser that doesn’t contain alcohol or any other drying ingredients. If you deal with acne, use a cleanser that also contains acne treatment.

Sun Exposure

The sun’s ultraviolet rays can have a significant effect on skin. Prolonged sun exposure can increase wrinkles, sun spots, freckles and skin discoloration, and is also a major risk factor for skin cancer. If you ever plan to be in the sun for more than 15 minutes at a time, wear sunglasses, a hat and sunscreen to protect your skin. Try to limit excessive sun exposure in general.


Particularly for anyone who is in aging stages, the skin can lose valuable moisture and decrease its collagen production. This can make the skin look dull, wrinkled and saggy. Replenishing the skin’s moisture is a great way to combat this.

The type of moisturizer you use will depend on your skin type – use a light one if you have oily skin, but a heavier option if you have dry skin. If you have acne, look for a light, non-greasy, non-comedogenic moisturizer.

To learn more about daily skin care techniques, or to find out about Botox, Kybella or any of our laser treatments, contact the offices of Steven Jepson, MD today.