Why Late Summer/Early Fall is Optimal for Tattoo Removal

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Why Late Summer/Early Fall is Optimal for Tattoo Removal

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If you have a previous tattoo that you want removed from your body in a safe, effective way, Dr. Steven Jepson is here to help. Using the QX MaxQ-switched Yag laser, one of the most modern and cutting-edge tattoo removal formats available today, Genesis Lifestyle Medical will help you remove or at least significantly limit the appearance of a wide variety of tattoos.

While our offices can perform these services at any time of year, we often pinpoint the late summer and early fall period we’re about to enter as one of the optimal times for tattoo removal. Why is this, exactly? There are a few reasons, ranging from recovery-related areas to some more personal reservations in some cases. Let’s go over why many patients choose to schedule their tattoo removal for during the late summer or early fall months.

Lower Physical Demand

For starters, the late summer and early autumn months are those where many people are less physically active. Many peoples’ vacation periods are over, meaning time at the beach or on the hiking trail are wrapping up as the weather hints at turning a bit colder.

And for those looking for optimal recovery from a tattoo removal, this kind of less active lifestyle can be highly beneficial. It allows for regular treatment of the skin with soothing products, plus allows you to avoid any rough contact or irritants that are more likely when you’re leading a more active lifestyle. And with the decrease in temperature, the ability to wear more layers allows you to protect certain areas from skin contact more completely.

Fewer Clothing Limitations

Speaking of clothing, this period of the year offers the perfect in-between area for those having their tattoos removed. If you’re someone who prefers to hide the ongoing visual effects of a tattoo you’re in the process of removing, the autumn season allows you to do so with some extra layers.

But if you prefer to leave the skin open and promote the healing process as much as possible, this is also usually okay – temperatures don’t start to get extremely cold until at least a couple months from now. You can ride the middle between protecting your skin and avoiding too much attention for an area you might not be entirely proud of.

Family and Holidays

Finally, from a more personal perspective, a reason some of our clients prefer this time of year is to prepare for an upcoming family gathering on holidays like Thanksgiving or Christmas. While we wish it weren’t the case, tattoos can be a point of contention within many families, and it’s a relief for some patients to be able to fully complete their tattoo removal before these holidays roll around, limiting some of the strain that might otherwise have been present.

For more on why the late summer or early fall might be the right time for your tattoo removal, or to learn about any of our Botox, dermal filler or laser treatments, speak to the med spa staff at the offices of Steven Jepson MD today.